Zhou Yaping’s new poetry collection: WITH THE PUBLIC

My speed of selecting and translating Zhou Yaping’s poems can’t catch up with the poet’s speed of writing. Zhou Yaping told me that he had three new poem collections on the way of publication recently. With the Public (Zaigongzhong 在公众) is the first one that comes into our view. It was published by Jiangsu wenyi chubanshe and now it is available online for purchase at dangdang.

I translate two new pieces from With the Public and post them here. Of course the translation is tentative. But even just from these two small pieces, we can see Zhou Yaping continues his game of playing with the abstract and the philosophical, which is his way of addressing emotional issues in his personal life or expressing his ideas about the general state of life.

Well-behaved Art

Three triangles sit among many triangles
my words make you dizzy. Only one triangle among these three triangles
has a downward angle, which means

Only one triangle is asleep.





When Well-behaved Art Behaves Not Well

My game with the mysterism is not as good as the lines’ game. Lines
can be played by
every designer, artist and computer geek.

In other words, every designer, artist and computer geek
is played by lines.

A line has surrounded a pool of blood today
It doesn’t yet disperse at midnight.





zhou yaping_1乖艺术

Note: the illustration of the poem Well-behaved Art  is created by Bushibei@weibo.

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