Tonight I



This video is a recital of Zhou Yaping’s poem “Tonight I.” This is a long poem. I only selected several lines to be translated here. The epigraph, which is translated here in the first paragraph, is not included in the video.

Tonight I
lay down in a
Huge bathtub
Holding a puff of bubbles in the hands
I smile

This is Spring, the March, I ride my bicycle, racing bicycle
I go deep into Spring. Like a fool,
I strive with my toughness, my chest is open to naked
I hold tight the handlebar, I want to break: the air
But it’s more and more harder to break

Catch the beauty. hihi, what if hang her up,
Like a fish, scare her with a knife
This is the feast of Spring! The young chef
Hold是 the bucket with one hand, and the another hand folds on the waist
The magnificent yearn, has fully opened in his body

I ride a car, a racing car, enjoying the most beautiful feeling
I still want to go deep, but the depth is at the top of the tower



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