Zhou Yaping’s poems on Xingxingshikan

Zhou Yaping's poems on Xingxingshikan.

A friend of Zhou Yaping, Ke Lan, who is a Chinese actress, posted on her Weibo (http://weibo.com/kelan) a picture of poems that Zhou Yaping published in the Poetry Journal, Stars( Xingxingshikan 星星诗刊) in July, 1989. The poems were written on March 15th, 1989; the journal was published in July, 1989. It is my first time to see the last two poems included here. This is fun. The poems are fresh and brisk. For instance, this one: 唱,把歌留在隧道里 穿过隧道 我们 能够摸到隧道之外的尖顶 我们只听到我们自己的唱 我们把歌留在隧道里—-《穿过隧道》

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